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Thread: QuadroISDN echo!

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    Thought I would post this in the correct location, with a little more details:

    We have a QuadroISDN, connected to 2 x BRI lines.

    We are hearing between a 280ms and 340ms echo, which is only heard at our end.

    We tried adjusting the echo tails to 340ms, then 512ms, then 1024ms, none of these made any difference at all, to be honest it appeared that the echo cancelling feature was disabled?

    I also changed the transit and receive gains to -3, then -6, still the same.

    Tried using a different handset, and tried a soft client on my laptop, still the same.

    Rolled the firmware back to an older version, 4.1.10, still the same, then upgraded to 4.1.22, still the same, and finally back to the starting point of 4.1.23, which has the problem as well.

    My understanding of G.168 is that it should work out of the box, without having to tweak settings or anything?

    Anyone else got any great ideas for me to try here?

    Zx14 vs hayabusa
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