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Thread: Quadro 2x crashes all the time

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    Default Quadro 2x crashes all the time

    Hello everyone, I have a Quadro2x that crashes all the time. I work normally on my computer and I lost my internet connexion and my phone. I can't reach the Quadro. I need to unplug the Quadro to reboot it. I can work max 15 to 30 minutes before it crashes. I have try diferent version of the firmware with complete new config (I don't use the backup file juste in case it is the problem)
    Firmware version I have tryed
    now on version 5.3.11



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    Hello Eric,

    I wonder is it possible to make calls when the Quadro "crashes". Try to make calls (e.g.*74 line info) from the fxs lines when the problem occurs again. Also please answer which LEDs lit and how on the Quadro when it stops responding? Have you tried to connect to the Quadro from both LAN/WAN sides?
    It might be a network problem there(load, ip conflict, etc.).


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    Hi Aram, I don't use FXS line, I'm on 100% SIP. No my phone doesn't work for internal or external call. There no network problem. The Quadro is alone with my 2 SIP phone and my PC. Both port WAN and LAN is in use. When the Quadro Crashes the WAN,lan and busy led are active same thing whene the Quadro's work

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    To make sure that the Quadro is functioning or not at all you would better connect an analog phone to the Quadro and to make some calls as I already said.


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    Hi Aram, the IP phone work when the Quadro crashes. I can't reach the admin page of the Quadro and surf on the web.

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    Crashes again, this time no internet and no phone.
    This morning I send an 890ko email and the Quadro crashes juste after

    Now I recieve an 1Mo email and the Quadro crashes juste after.

    Yesturday I download couple of files and firmware on the internet and the Quadro crashes.

    Maybe this usefull

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    I made ​​other tests. The FXS port works to make external calls. IP phones will work only after restart them.
    Even after restarting the switch and the computer, the network and the internet will not work until we restart the Quadro

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    The thing that you can make a call from fxs to WAN means that the Quadro is functioning. The problem is connected with LAN side of the Quadro. Can you just take your pc out from the LAN side of the Quadro for a while and see what will happen. Try to isolate the Quadro's LAN as much as possible(leave only phones) and check if ypur IP addresses in the network aren't duplicated somehow. Also when the problem occurs again try to connect to the Quadro from the WAN side.


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    I have do the test. Connect the Quadro Wan port in a the router and all phones and PCs in the same router and I have not had any problem.

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    Glad to hear that it works. You know what you have done is a recommended configuration setup. First off all Quadro is a PBX and not a router and it's a very good practice to isolate Quadro from data traffic passing through.


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