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Thread: Multiple Quadros, Stacking?

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    Default Multiple Quadros, Stacking?

    I am interested in knowing any special provisioning available for peering many quadros in dial plans, extensions and such. I will be proposing scores of the 2x2s and some of the 4Ls in a large deployment. I saw in this forum a reference to "Stacking Quadro IP PBXs". That is here:,3,65,153 " but that appears to be an old document that I cannot retrieve.

    I plan to set up a extensions plan that includes a 3 digit location number and a 2 digit desk or function #. Headquarters has large IP PBXs already and we can set up complex dial plans there.

    I was intrigued though to know what special provisioning, failover, resource sharing and management that the Epygis might offer

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    One of the key functions of the Quadro is the Call Routing Table. It is flexible and very powerful, allowing you to create any dialing plan for reaching the other locations. Your plan for a 3 digit location number and a 2 digit extn can be implemented. You can easily create first and second choice routing selections.

    Faxing over a SIP connection should not be a problem as long as the ITSP supports T.38 and there is a solid broadband connection.

    We do not have a tool to remotely configure all of the systems.

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    What Andy said...

    You can create many fail over / call routing tables as needed (within reason) as the Call routing and Extension management table(s) can be collectively utilised in ways that allow for complex scenarios to be achieved.

    Definitely achievable.


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