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Thread: Network Busy when making a call

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    Default Network Busy when making a call

    Hi all,

    For some reason when a client of mine makes a call internal and external, she get a message on the screen "Network is busy" from time to time.
    When asking the person who the called was destined for, if they where on the phone, they said they weren't.
    And also sometimes she doesn't recieve incoming calls from their clients.

    It last after three to four calls then she can start making calls.
    The have a quadro m4l.
    Does anybody have an idea why she get "network is busy" on here phone (aastra 6757i)

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Zet, try connecting the PC on its own network jack if it is currently connected to the LAN port of the IP phone. Maybe it is a problem with the internal switch of the phone.

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