Hi guys, I have a 4L that I can't get the Network Diagnostics to pass. When I run the Network Diagnostics I get the following error:

Basic Tests:
Checking for physical link :
Error occured. Cannot continue.

Test failed.

I can ping websites from the network tools, so I know the Quadro can get to the internet, however I get that error.

Another thing I noticed is that I tried to link this Quadro4L with another Quadro2x and the communication from the 4L to the 2x works, but not the other way around, as if the 4L can go out to the web but does not accept connections... I also tested the Network Diagnostics on the Quadro2x and that one passes the test. I then hooked up the new Quadro4L using the same cables LAN/WAN that the 2x is using flawlessly and I still can't get to it from the web nor can I pass the Network Diagnostic test...

there is no firewall, or filtering going on both.

Any ideas...?