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Thread: two sites with failover

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    Default two sites with failover

    we have a customer with two sites and they want to run off one main Quadro (M12Li) with remote extensions at the 2nd site, but have a Quadro at the for failover purposes.

    Each site has its own broadband connection and there is a private circuit connecting the two offices. If the main site broadband goes down we want to switch the SIP trunks over to the 2nd site Quadro.

    My thinking is that each extension is registered to its own local Quadro AND is also a registered remote extension of the remote Quadro.

    Is this scenario achievable or is there a better way to do it?

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    I wonder how the Quadros can be connected to each other. I mean can they be in the same network from LAN side. If it's ok then it's achievable through Call routing table of Quadro.


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    The quadro can be connected together via the routing table.

    There are no reason why the phones can't have 2 set of registrations.

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