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Thread: Configure FXO lines on Quadro 8ML and also create some Call Routing Table entries

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    Default Configure FXO lines on Quadro 8ML and also create some Call Routing Table entries

    I have a few questions and I am new to the Epygi Products but I love the Quadro 8ML...

    1. We have 3 FXO lines connected to the 8ML, but I've noticed if there's an active call to an FXO line, the line will ring busy if any other calls come to that line, it doesn't rotate to the other available FXO lines....Need the FXO lines to rotate any incoming calls to other available FXO lines if it has a call.

    2. How do I create a Call Routing that will either prevent the dialing of International numbers or better yet, require a code to be entered after an international long distance number has been dialed....

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    The first is not the function of PBX, it is the telco function. You have to subscribe the service with your operator to send the calls made to the same number over any available line attached to that number.
    As far as you second question is concerned then you can create a Call Routing rule with a prefix for international calls and enable "Local authentication". In Local AAA table add a record for the pin code and enable that record in call routing rule. For more details check documentation.

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    The FXO lines are individual/unique numbers that we received from the TELCO and I connected each line to the PBX. We used to have a previous Epygi PBX and I was told that this functionality of calls going to any other available line was working...Just not sure how to achive.

    Secondly, I have never made a Call Routing Table entry before. Here's what I need. I want the PBX to prevent dialing of 011 (Intl. Lng Distance code)...If I can get instructions on creating the Call Routing Table entry...I would appreciate it...


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    Here are the step by step instructions how to create a routing entry with PIN code authorization.
    - Go to the Telephony-> Call Routing,
    - In the opened Call routing Page select the Call Routing Table link,
    - Use the Add button to starts the Call Routing Wizard where a new routing pattern may be created,
    - Put 011* In the Destination Number Pattern text field; This means that all dialed digits started from 011 will be passed to the system for processing;
    - Sellect the FXO option for Destination Type;

    Go to the next page: Call Routing Wizard - Page 2.
    - Select the Local Authentication - with this check box selected, callers will need to pass authentication when dialing the current pattern;
    - Leave other fields as they are.

    Now go to the Telephony-> Call Routing and use the link for local AAA Table.
    - In the opened Call Routing - Local AAA Table use Add button to add an entry;
    - Sellect the Authentication by PIN option (it is more applicable for your needs) and put a code in the PIN Code field.

    Now go back to the Call routing table. For the newly created rule 011* you will see a Users list link under the Local Authentication column.

    Use that link to open the Users List for 011* pattern and enable the PIN code.

    That’s it. Now when dialing 011* Quadro will require the PIN code to be entered.

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    Hey,I have also met with the same problem but Ashot the step you have written to follow has not overcome my problem.
    fixed gear wheelsets

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    My instructions are focused just on securing long distant routing rules (011 in this example) by PIN code, they are not focused on resolving the problem above

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