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Thread: Configure IP phones from WAN

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    Default Configure IP phones from WAN

    I had several SNOM phones connected on the LAN side of my Quadro, and I'm trying to access their configuration settings from a PC on the WAN side of the Quadro. I know I can access the phones by physically connecting my PC to the ethernet switch that all of the phones are connected to on the LAN side of the Quadro and giving It an appropriate IP address (192.168.3.x in my case), but I was hoping to be able to do it without replugging anything. Currently if I try to access any of these phones through the Quadro configuration page, my browser can't find the phone at its IP address. The WAN-side IP address of the Quadro is in the 192.168.1.x range, as is my PC.

    PS – I have set the Quadro up to allow management access from PCs on my local LAN (hence my ability to see the extensions in the Quadro configuration page)
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    You have a network / routing issue.

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