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Thread: D-Link DPH-C160S DECT handset

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    Hi All,

    My first posting to the forum as a new Quadro installer.

    I have a customer who wants cordless phones on their 6L. Has anybody hooked up a D-Link DPH-C160S DECT VoIP phone to a Quadro?

    Did it work and how was it configured?

    Thanks in advance.


    Jamie (Brisbane, Australia)

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    Hi, actually the D-Link DPH-C160S DECT VoIP phone is not tested in Epygi testlab and it is not in Epygi supported and tested phones' list, but you can configure it as a LAN-side IP-Phoneby settingmodel "Other" in "IP-Line Settings" page and putting the same username and password on both Quadro's IP-Line and phone. Also you must enterQuadro's LAN IPon the phone as a registrar and specifythe sameSIP port, as it is on Quadro. It is similiar to the manualconfigurationof any otherIP-Phone, the description of what you can find among the documentsin our "Technical Support" section, under "Download" area.

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    Hello Jamie,
    Have you had any success with the D-Link Ip phone?
    I have two of the phones and have been unable to get them to work with a 2x.

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