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Thread: Snom 710 support?

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    Default Snom 710 support?

    I saw an announcement on January 15, 2013 that the 7x0 series of Snom phones was supported by auto provisioning. Which release supports the 710? I do not see it as an option in the Line Setting pull down menu in Version 5.3.14.

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    snom 710 support is included in 5.3.23 releases for 32x/8L. I guess you are asking for 4L, right?. Then it will be release next to 5.3.14, assuming the 5.3.21.

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    the 5.3.21 for 4L/2x2 with snom 710 support is available on the epygi download section now

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    Sorry to semi hijack this thread, but are the 2X and 6L products also going to support the Snom 710 now that they are end-of-life ?

    If they are, when are we likely to see the updated firmware ?

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    Both 2X and 6L are going to support snom 710. The updated FW for 2x is under testing now and will be available in a week or two.


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