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Thread: Autoprovisionning on Snom phone

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    Default Autoprovisionning on Snom phone


    A simple one (I hope):
    I have an auto-provisionning snom phone 720 with a Quadro 2xi.

    I use the template for the configuration of the snom 720 and all is working perfectly, except that the function keys set to "watch ext. X" is not configured properly.

    The snom phone received : 80@ instead of <sip:80@; user=phone>

    I could correct that in just clicking apply in the function key configuration of the snom phone and all correcpond to the second notation.

    My problem is that all is lost on each restart of the snom phone, because of the auto-provisionning that I want to use.

    Could someone give me a solution to have an auto-provisionning with <sip:80@; user=phone>.


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    Hello Stéphane,

    You are absolutely right. When Quadro makes configuration file for Snom 720, this "80@" format is used (for configuration of watching) instead of <sip:80@; user=phone>. It's worth to say that the last format Snom uses starting from FW
    Currently the recommended FW version for Snom 720 is for Quadro2xi (fw5.3.11) where the old format is used.
    I guess your phones running fw or higher. Please downgrade the firmware to on the phones and will resolve the problem. Here is the link, or just enable "Firmware version control" on the Quadro.
    FYI: In the next public release of Quadro2xi recommended FW for snom 720 will be and at that time you will need to upgrate the firmwares on the phones.


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    Hello Aram,

    Thank you for your answer and you are perfectly right with my Snom firmeware version.

    All is clear now.

    Thank you again!

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    Glad to hear it.


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