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    I was wondering if someone could clarify a potential setup scenario for me.
    We have a large boat which travels to remote areas where we are lucky enough to have fairly good cellular coverage. We have a recently installed a gigabit network through out the vessel for data use and ip camera feeds, and I was hoping to utilise this to install an internal intercom/phone system. My plan is to use a Quadro 2x2 and connect a GSM analog gateway (e.g. ) to the FXO port, providing a single line for incoming and outgoing calls.
    IP phones would be placed through out the vessel and be used primarily for intercom (extension calling) but some would need access to make calls through the gsm gateway.
    Incoming calls would be preferably routed through an AA menu to various locations on the boat.
    There would also be a requirement for a DECT wireless ip phone solution to allow short range communications while on the outside decks.
    Is this possible with the Quadro?
    I would appreciate any comment or advice. Cheers

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    Re: Is this possible with the Quadro?

    Yes, very possible, without too much bother - how ever you claim you have good data use, so why not use the data and a good SIP Provider to make and take calls? Instead of using a 2N to Mobile device?


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    You can freely use Quadro 2x2 to achieve your installation. The GSM gateway can be connected to one of 2 FXO ports of Quadro. There you can also route incoming calls from the GSM gateway to Quadro's Auto Attendant. For outgoing calls you can define a group of extensions which will be allowed to make calls through the GSM gateway. About DECT phone I would like to say that Quadro currently supports Snom M3,M9, Aastra MBU 400, but you can connect other IP Dect phones as well.


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    Thanks guys, just wanted to clarify my understanding of the system.
    Also, I understand that certain phones are 'certified' with the Quadra, but will any SIP compliant phone work with the system (with limited functionality)? If not what specs do I need to pay attention to when selecting phones?

    P.s. Kevin - we will consider the SIP network service after the initial installation, to much to get my head around in one go. The gsm gateway supports both so a change in the future will be fairly painless.

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    You can use any SIP compliant device with Quadro. Just use the "Other" phone model type when configuring an IP Line of Quadro. But it would be better to use recommended phones by Epygi to have proper interworking.


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