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Thread: Configuring uadro4x with SIP Trunk

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    Default Configuring Quadro4x with SIP Trunk

    We have a Quadro4x that we are trying to connect to 3 SIP trunks provided by uses ACL authorization as opposed to SIP registration.

    We have successfully registered the Quadro4x using the VoIP Wizard of the Quadro. According to the documentation provided by, we have created a dial-out rule to utilize the call path but keep getting the message from Quadro saying "Number dialed does not exist."

    We have most likely missed something. The Quadro4x has as an option and has certified the Epygi product line for interoperability so I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I assume the Quadro4x knows how to set calls up with in that I do not have to go in to the Quadro and make all kinds of config changes, etc.

    With the extension created by the VoIP Wizard, I set up a UCF to my cell phone and dialed the number provided by All I get is the message "Trying to connect. Please wait..." and then "Number dialed temporarily unavailable."

    The Quadro4x shows the Quadro4x has successfully registered. Just cannot seem to make the actual inbound and outbound calls work.

    Anyone have a sample working config they can share with us to get our Quadro4x to work with 100%?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    In case anyone is wondering why we don't just ask, their welcome email states they do not provide any technical assistance with configuring IP-PBX devices.

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    I am not sure what dial-out rule you have created following the documentation provided by But actually when running VoIP Wizard of the Quadro it automatically create a new routing rule for outbound calls thru, so you have to use that routing rule for outbound calls. Please check and advice.

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