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Thread: Using voicemail as an answering machine

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    Default Using voicemail as an answering machine

    I want to set up our Quadro 4L so that it works like an answering machine on public holidays. We don't use the auto attendant (and don't really want to), and we don't use voicemail at all at present (it's disabled on every extension).

    I've set up a virtual extension (ext 66) so that it sends voicemail as email to our receptionist, and I plan to set things up so that incoming calls are routed to that extension when we want to use the "answering machine".

    First of all, does that sound like a reasonable way to do what I want?

    Secondly, what happens when more than one incoming call arrives at the same time? Will I need to set up a separate voicemail extension for each incoming line? Or is there another way to handle it?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    1.The Quadro 4L can simultaneously record 4 voice mail.
    2.You also can use *4 future code on receptionist phone to forward calls to (ext. 66) on public holidays.After holidays you need only type *4 on same phone and and forward will be disabled.
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