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Thread: EMS 2.4 Distortion

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    Default EMS 2.4 Distortion

    Hello new user here...
    I'm trying to use EMS 2.4 to convert MP3 files for upload into Epygi M8L for custom AA messages and the resulting converted files are terrible; distorted, the first few seconds are cut off, lots of noise. Has anyone else had a similar problem and are there any work arounds? I'm recording the MP3 files with Audacity and they sound very clear but after I run them through EMS they're junk. EMS doesn't really seem to have any configuration settings to change or adjustments to make. I've downloaded and actually read the EMS Manual and release notes but no insight. I'm running Windows 7.

    Any suggestions, ideas or insights?

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    Please send both media files converted (wav) and source (mp3) in this mail for examination.

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    Problem resolved. After finding similar issues and recommendations in the Forum, converted the mp3 files using Switch Sound File Converter Plus that allows output in a CCITT u-law format instead of EMS 2.4. Attendants now sound great.

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    Please anyway send this files for examination it's important for us.

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