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Thread: communication between 2 quadro's

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    Exclamation communication between 2 quadro's

    We have the above Systems sitting on each side of a wireless controlled be a Microteck router.... At the moment we cannot get them to dial each others extensions... they can dial the internal extensions but not each other. The extensions are 200 range and a 300 range. We have tested to see if the ports are open by registering a phone across the wireless to the other system and it works hundreds. If I dial the other side ext it says "number temporarily unavailable", but on that phone shows as a missed call (does not ring), so it is reaching the phone, and assume it is not getting back to us.
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    Default define the SIP alias...

    you need to define the quadro as a sip alias on "quadro-ip-address/sipaliases.cgi"

    I had the same problem after creating the routing patterns and everything, adding the alias solved the problem...

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