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    Hi! So I've up to 20 quadros connect in a private VPN and I need to add the same rules on the Call Routing Table on each one, i'm trying to use the Legible Configuration file of one of them, but in the end of the upload it's give me an error:

    Saving routingmanagement

    # calling lcrwizard.cgi returned an error! "

    I verifed the file many times, the version of firmware is correct,
    and cannot see any error, is there way to verife the returned error?
    anyone tried this kind of upload?

    Best Regards, tks!

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    Hi nlucas,

    Below are some short instructions to help you add a call
    routing record with a legible configuration file (LCF). The steps are applicable
    to SW 4.1.x.

    1. Ensure
    the call routing table contains at least one entry of your desired call routing
    type (SIP, PSTN, etc.). The LCF for this routing will be used as a template for the new entry.

    2. Generate
    a LCF for the Call Routing page.

    3. In
    the generated LCF, remove all lines except for those corresponding to a single entry
    (of the desired call type, of course).

    4. In
    those lines, change the occurrences of the routing number to add and edit the desired

    If you are adding
    multiple entries, please ensure to insert commit=1 to separate the lines corresponding to different entries.

    Here comes a short example:





    routingmanagement.lcrwizard.[add].lcrwizardcallsettings.portid=FXO 2

    If this doesn't
    help, please, post the LCF you have created so that we can see what the
    problem is.

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    Hi Liana! tks, it's done now! it was missing the "commit=1" It save me 30 lines of configuration[img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img] on each quadro

    tks a lot
    Best Regards

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    Don't work for me.
    If I create new routing line, --> # calling lcrwizard.cgi returned an error! "

    I can edit an existing routing line but can't create new.

    Boot loader: 4.1.35/Release
    Firmware Version: 5.1.18/Release

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    I tested this with 5.1.17 (copied the example above, changed the "4.1.26" with "5.1.17" and applied) - works without any problem.

    I can just make guess why it doesn't work on your case: if you have already a rule with the similiar parameters, the new one may fail to add. Check your table to see if you already have a rule with similiar pattern/NDS/call type...

    Best regards,

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    Ok, I use param [add] and it's work! Thanks!

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    Default LCF HTTP Management Access enable Rule


    New Question......... I am trying to enable a filter Rule in the firewall, I am able to add the Rule through LCF but the rule is not enabled when added.

    Management Access - HTTP

    I have Tried a lot of combinations. and I am stuck. combinations below do not work. I have also tried "del=1" with no success.

    filter.(ChainName:ServiceIn).ServiceInHTTP.enable= 1

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    Can someone please help me with an answer to my last post?

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