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    Exclamation EMS not working...

    I installed EMS 2.4 version on a windows server 7 ultimate

    i made the playlist called test and added the file to play (i also just in case i converted the file into u-law file), i put the ip address of my M8L (LAN) and the port it's 4849 for the RTP destination, i start the stream. Now i move to the M8L, add the RTP Stream channel, called test and 4849 port. Now i set the Hold Music on and extension (109) to make the test, set hold music to the party..., i select the rtp channel: test, saved. On the generalcfg.cgi i checkbox the Force Hold Music, saved. Now i made the test calling from my extension 106 to 109 that has de MOH enable and it doesn't works (no music)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    help please !!!


    i solved my problem, instead of lan ip it should be the wan ip on the RTP destination, that's all.

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