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Thread: Prefix Tag on call Routing

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    hi! I want to crate a rule to when an incoming SIP call arrives with the correct pattern (90??) discard de 2 first digits and dial the 3rd and 4th digit's as an extension, i was trying the "Prefix tags" on the Administration Manual but gives me an error on the prefix!

    i was trying like this
    ("Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing" is selected)

    Pattern: 90??
    NDS: 2
    Prefix: <dialednum:[3-end]>
    Call type: Pbx


    Pattern: 90??

    NDS: 2

    Prefix: <dialednum:[3-4]>

    Call type: Pbx

    for example when arrives a SIP call whit the pattern 9040, the 1st and 2nd digitis will be discard and the 3rd and 4th digits will be dial, so it rings on the extension 40!

    Is this possible?Am I doing right?

    Best Regards! Tks

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    I don't think you need the Prefix: <dialednum:......> line.
    Just set:
    Pattern: 90??
    NDS: 2

    This will strip off the first 2 digits leaving just the last two.

    Are you doing this on the receiving Quadro, or the Quadro that is sending the call?

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    Hi! it's on the receiving Quadro, yes i realize that don't need the prefix, and it's already working...! Quadro have one of the best "tools" to work..the Routing table! [img]smileys/smiley32.gif[/img] However...just to understand the "tags"'s realy implemented on call routing?

    Tanks and best regards!

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