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    Default incoming call

    hi all,

    All incoming call is showing anonymous. Why?
    What to do.


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    Start with you provider asking if they are providing caller id for your PSTN lines

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    yes, caller id was working earlier with 3CX.

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    Using the hidden callcapture.cgi make a capture of incoming FXO call (FXO interface capture including the start of call) and send together with the system logs

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    where is hidden call capture.cgi.

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    Login to the Quadro as admin and type callcapture.cgi in the address field of browser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashot View Post
    Login to the Quadro as admin and type callcapture.cgi in the address field of browser
    Hi Ashot,

    Find attached file, I am unable to send all log due to file size restriction.
    I it enough or ask me particular file.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    HI Ashot,
    Can U help me please?


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    The attached files are not useful at all, they are not the files I was asking, so let's start from beginning.
    So in your case the Caller ID is not shown for incoming FXO calls.
    - The Quadro supports 2 ways of Caller ID detection: FSK and DTMF
    - The method will be automatically selected based on the regional settings(your country selection) during the system configuration wizard.
    - But the method can be changed manually also in the hidden page: fxocfg.cgi. So open the fxocfg.cgi and check if the correct method is configured.
    - If the correct method is selected, but still no Caller ID is displayed, then the Caller ID transported by the CO can be captured and analysed by EPYGI engineers.
    To do capture follow the instructions.
    1. Open the callcapture.cgi page, press the Start button
    2. Make a call to the Quadro via FXO line
    3. In parallel download the system logs.
    4. Stop the capture, download and send the capture and system logs directly to the address:

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    Hi Ashot, I have a somewhat similar problem. I have an M8L that displays PSTN3-? (the line changes, it doesn't matter on which line the call enters) and the users get Anonymous on the phone , but it doesn't happen on all calls, some do show Caller ID on some calls. You can call in and it will show the caller ID normal, and then dial back a minute later and now it wont show the CID.

    I have tested the lines and when attached to a simple phone, the caller ID does show every single time, but then plugged back to the M8L sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't. It happens on different ports on the actual M8L and on the gateway.

    The user uses CID based services, that are now useless because of this...

    can you help?

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