Hi All,

I have installed a few quadro m8L, and I've encountered some issues.
One issue is when I'm on the phone, I hear someone else in the department is dialing in the back ground. This doesn't happen everywhere in the building only a few extensions and the phone I'm using is Yea-link T20p.

Also another issue is that I created a pickup for the receptionist (Yea-link T28) and a the people around her, but when some call the receptionist, the person A or B (yea-link T-20p)can answer the incoming call using 31#. but when some is calling Person A or B, the receptionist can't pick the call.

At another location I'm having transfer issues, it seems when an incoming call is forwarded from the receptionist to the destined extension, I can hear them talking, but when I speak the person who made the call can't hear me.
And if I transfer to another extension, we can hear and speak to each other normally

Thank you in advance