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Thread: asterisk with tls and srtp

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    Default asterisk with tls and srtp

    Is there a configuration example between quadro 4x and asterisk interoperability using tls and srtp?

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    Epygi hasn't passed any interoperability test with Asterisk regarding tls,srtp. Also there is no way to load a certificate into Quadro. But I would suggest to upload Quadro's certificate into your PBX. If it is possible to do then let me explain what is necessary to configure in Quadro.
    First of all set a TLS port of the Quadro differ from UDP/TCP ports(e.g 5061) on the "Telephony->SIP settings" page. Then download the Quadro's certificate from the same page and upload into your PBX.
    After choose one of SRTP Policy options in the extension's codec settings which is going to communicate with Asterisk.


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