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Thread: Hold Music issue

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    Default Hold Music issue

    Hi, I am trying to change the hold music for a client.
    At the moment it seems that out ITSP forces their hold music (ravey music), this is what is heard for external callers. Internal calls i.e extension to extension get different hold music, possibly the default Quadro hold music (piano music).
    Is there a way to stop the ITSP's music and force the Quadro's to external VoIP callers?
    I have tried the 'Basic Services - Hold Music Settings' page, ticking the box, changing the choices in the dropdown below...unticking the box...changing the choices again..nothing makes any difference.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Hold Music issue


    Try to use the instruction in the attached doc. It should help

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    Thanks Ashot, this certainly helped. I have had to enable the 'Force Hold music' setting in the generalconfig.cgi page.
    I have also had to enable each extension to 'Send Hold Music to Remote Party'
    This is a time consuming task, to enable each extension individually, is there a central point where this could be enabled for all extensions?

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    No, there is no central place to enable it at once. I would recommend to do it using Quadro Status - Lines Status page. There it is much more easier to switch between extensions - you can enable 'Send Hold Music to Remote Party' in two steps for each extension.


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