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Thread: Dial plan OR Digit map Needed

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    Question Dial plan OR Digit map Needed

    Hi Everyone,

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I have almost no hair left!

    I'm looking for somewhere on an Epygi where I can specifiy a dial plan or digit map because calls take between 4 - 8 seconds to initiate. A dial plan or digit map basically shortcuts the call when the pattern is matched rather than waiting for a timer or the user to hit send (usually the # button on the key pad).

    Something like the following:

    Below is some example documentation I have quickly found:

    Here is an example we use on our network to comply with Australian numbering on other devices (not epygi):
    000|013|0[2-9]xxxxxxxx|1194|1196|123x|124xx|12455|125xxx|130xxxx xxx|13[1-9]xxx|180[0-1]xxxxxx|180[2-9]xxx|183[1-2][2-9]xxxxxxx|183[1-2]0[2-9]xxxxxxxx|190[0-9]xxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxx

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    If you dial the number on IP phone then the digit map of that IP phone controls the timeouts when dialing the number. If you dial the number on analogue phone connected to Epygi FXS or dial the number when connected to Auto Attendant then there are no dial plan shortcuts. If you don't press the "#" then Epygi will wait for 4 seconds (this is the factory default timeout) and then consider dialing completed. You can change the default timeout from the following GUI page: Telephony -> Dial Timeout.

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    Thanks hrant,

    Yes I can confirm that IP Phones themselves have dial-plans. Unfortunately lowering the dial-timeout is not a solution and neither is dialling # (even though # works) as customers are unwilling to change from what is nation-wide accepted as the norm. I believe that dial-plans should be built-in to the epygi gateways and processed just before the call routing. What is the chance of this happening as we will be forced to use other products that do have this feature?

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    Are you talking about dialing from IP phone thru IP PBX? Or dialing from PSTN to the gateway, connecting to Auto Attendant and dialing the destination number?

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    It is for any gateway can be either ISDN or E1/T1. Apparently it can work under CAS settings but CAS is not used in Australia, we use CCS. Basically it is from a traditional PBX interfacing to the gateway making VoIP calls. Did that answer the question?

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    Can anyone help on this? As it is common for the Carrier to do digitmap/dialplan when using overlap dialling. Since we are basically the carrier at the gateway, the gateway needs to do it otherwise the user has to wait more than 8 seconds before they hear anything.

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    Are you talking about the calls from PSTN to ISDN/E1 gateway (BRI or PRI)? ... and you want to have a dialmap on the gateway to stop collecting the digits and connect the call without necessity to wait for # as a last digit or dial timeout expiration?

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