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Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I have almost no hair left!

I'm looking for somewhere on an Epygi where I can specifiy a dial plan or digit map because calls take between 4 - 8 seconds to initiate. A dial plan or digit map basically shortcuts the call when the pattern is matched rather than waiting for a timer or the user to hit send (usually the # button on the key pad).

Something like the following:

Below is some example documentation I have quickly found:



Here is an example we use on our network to comply with Australian numbering on other devices (not epygi):
000|013|0[2-9]xxxxxxxx|1194|1196|123x|124xx|12455|125xxx|130xxxx xxx|13[1-9]xxx|180[0-1]xxxxxx|180[2-9]xxx|183[1-2][2-9]xxxxxxx|183[1-2]0[2-9]xxxxxxxx|190[0-9]xxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxx