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Thread: SIP incoming calls

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    Default SIP incoming calls

    the SIP trunk works for outgoing but can;t get it working for incoming.
    The logs say:

    10:29:29.149 * <-> * ExternalSIPCallRoute: caller - 0410XXXXXX@, target -, callID - 5812299222141234567, media - [<D>203.55.XXX.XXX:38246, a: PCMA(8), PCMU(0), G729(18), telephone-event(101)(fmtp:0-16)].
    .165 GetCR: [SIP/0410XXXXXX@|039029XXXX]->N/A
    .166 ExternalCallReportError: error code - "User Not Found", callID - 5812299222141234567.

    Any ideas ?



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    I've messed with this all day, opened up all the ports in the firewall that relate to SIP or RTP.

    I can place outgoing calls BUT the audio is one way only PBX -> Outside, Outside ->PBX does not work.
    This is using the two SIP trunk providers we have.

    Looking at the diagnostics messages seems to be flowing in both directions, I can see the quadro sending sip messages out and getting replies. I can't understand why audio isn't.

    I then setup a skype SIP that also registered but can't even get the outgoing call to ring !
    I get a "IP connection cannot be established"

    Everything is pointing towards a simple IP problem but can't find anywhere that would tell me what the problems is.

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    Try disable your Nat. Worked for me. Its on automatic...change to disable.

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