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Thread: Call routing for same pattern in 2 AA´s

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    Default Call routing for same pattern in 2 AA´s

    Hi guys...

    I have to 2 Auto Attendants, Day mode and Night model, however both have an option to "press 1 to send a fax".

    All routes work, except for the "press 1 for fax", it works fine for the AA 00, but it does not work for AA 10.

    I know that the problem is that the route is defined for prefix 00, so when AA 10 is enabled, and you press 1, there is no call route defined for it.

    The question is can I define another call route for the SAME pattern 1, but now for prefix 10??

    will the route work like this? I'm worried only the one that is higher up on the table will work...

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    why you just don't define two routing rules with different destination number patterns. The first rule works when you press 1 from AA00 and the second when you press 1 from AA10.

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    hmmm but the fxo lines point to the routing pattern "555" , if I change the pattern they will never get into the route to get the second AA...

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    I'm sorry, then I don't understand well your task. Please explain in more details where the call comes from, how it gets to Auto Attendant and where it gets to after pressing 1

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    Ok here is how it works.

    All incoming calls go to the AA.

    They get to the AA via a routing "555" we created. This route has an enabler key (111) and disabler key (222).

    There are 2 routes defined, each one gets enabled/disabled via *77.

    When Auto Attendant 00 (Day mode) is enabled, the user gets prompted for an extension, or press 1 for fax. (there is a route for pattern 1, prefix 00, destination "fax extension"

    This works great already.

    But when Auto Attendant 10 (Night Day) is enabled, the user gets a recording stating the office hours and gets prompted to dial 1 to send a fax. This one doesn´t have a route sending it to the fax extension...

    Here is where my question comes up, can I define another route for pattern 1, but with prefix 10 (instead of 00) so that it works with the AA 10. I will have access to the system tomorrow. but I was wondering if the routes dont get messed up or confused because they have the same destination pattern "1"...

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    I have a question regarding the routing rule for fax extension (pattern 1, prefix 00, destination "fax extension"). Why you need the prefix 00 for this routing? I suggest to edit this routing and remove the prefix 00, so it could function identically for both day mode(00) and night mode (10) attendants.


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    Thanks Ashot, sorry the actual route has the Fax extension as prefix, and it discards the 1 digit.

    What i did find is that for AutoAttendant "10" I did not have the "Send digits to Routing table" enabled....

    What's weird is that in that same Attendant "10", i have an option (press 2) to leave a message, and that one was working when people clicked 2, even though the "send digits to routing table" was disabled.


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    Very strange, could you please describe the routing rule for that another option (press 2). I mean the pattern, prefix/suffix, destination, call type and so on.

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    got it working with your suggestions, thanks guys

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