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Thread: Can backup file of 2x be used on 2x2?

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    Unhappy Can backup file of 2x be used on 2x2?


    Can anyone tell me if the backup file of Quadro 2x can be used on Quadro 2x2?

    I tried and failed, it seems not OK.

    Appreciate it!


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    Hi Todd,

    The backup file of Quadro 2x can be successfully uploaded and restored on Quadro 2x2. I assume the problem is caused by SW versions running on 2x and 2x2. If the SW version running on 2x is higher than the SW version on 2x2 then upload&restore will fail. Example, the backup from 2x with SW 5.3.11 cannot be uploaded on 2x2 with SW version 5.3.2.
    BTW the same is when using the backup from 2x on 2x and backup from 2x2 on 2x2. The backup file downloaded from higher SW version cannot be uploaded on the smaller version.


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