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    Hi Forum Readers, I am having an issue with the Quadro 2x2. After programming for approx 30mins or live operation for 1-2 days I am having an issue where all of a sudden the GUI becomes unresponsive and extremely slow, approx 20 times normal speed. After a reboot it then starts working ok for a while. I though it might have been the box but I have since tried the config on a new box and still no good, I have also setup a new customer entirely on a new box and I am now getting the same issue, I thought maybe the firmware, I have tried 5.3.13 and now 5.3.14 and still the exact same error, this is quite frustrating, do you think the new 2x2 has a memory or cpu issue? Anyones POV would we greatly appreciated. Cheers Paul
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    Thank you for posting. The unresponsiveness that you are seeing is not typical. I do not think it is a hardware problem since you had enough foresight to try the config on another unit. This is also not something that is common or we would have many complaints of the same. There must be something in the way the unit has been configured that is causing the problem. We need to analyze this and the forum is not the place to do active troubleshooting.

    I have optioned your account to open a support ticket with the same details. Please include your system configuration.


    Andy White

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