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    Default Quadro ISDN Gateway

    Hi There,

    We have installed many Quadro ISDN Gateway's in the past year without too many problems in terms of configuration.

    We have just recently installed one with a particular problem for the customer.

    When they dial a number it seems to wait for some time to begin dialling i.e. hear a dialling tone and this is taking in excess of 8 seconds. The customer is obviously upset as before over traditional ISDN it would dial within 2 seconds.

    This device is installed in Australia and typically dialling digit sizes vary between 6, 8 and 10 digits is most common 13xxxx or 02xxxxxxxx or 04xxxxxxxx.

    Is there a particular setting to tweak in the settings to make the dialling go through faster?

    I have attached a screen dump of the settings off the ISDN Wizard (PNG File Attached)

    Please help.

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    Could you please attach part of ISDN L3 logs?
    It may help us to see the problem


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