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Thread: Aastra 57i adjust audio gain

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    Default Aastra 57i adjust audio gain

    I am having a lot of echo and audio problems with my handsets. In my experience with asterisk and aastra setting the sidetone gain sometimes help.

    I know the Aastra phones support setting the audio gain for the the headset and speakerphone.
    there are several options such as:
    handset tx gain: -10 to +10
    headset sidetone gain: -10 to +10
    handset sidetone gain: -10 to +10
    these options are usually in the aastra.cfg files and cannot be set using the web GUI.

    How do I change these setting on my epygi quadro 8ml ? I have looked at the custom templates but these options are missing. Is there any way to edit the generated mac.cfg files ? Please note that I am not referring to the settings for gain control for the line settings but setting the sip settings on the actual handset.


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    my bad, I found the setting in the general setting of the template configuration page of my quadro. Strange, I did not see it there before

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    Configuring in Aastra 57i is not a difficult for users at all with the intuitive web interface being facilitated. The configuration instructions for this phone can be found very easily in the dedicated Aastra section of its official website. As this phone reboots very quickly so users don’t have to wait upto 2 or 3 minutes for their changes to take place. Another great feature that add advantage to it is its web interface through which firmware upgrades can be done from the browser, something found to be incredibly convenient. This process takes only a a few minutes, and it can be one of the ways to get newer features such as wideband codecs.
    Referring its manual or its website can be fruitable for you to get a better solution.

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