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Thread: Problems Forwarding voice mails with an intro recording.

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    Cool Problems Forwarding voice mails with an intro recording.

    We are utilizing an Epygi Quadro M8L.

    We are having on intermittent issue when forwarding voice mails. The issue we are experiencing is that when we record an intro to the voice mail and send it the end user will only receive the intro and not the original voice mail.

    What causes this? We have duplicated the issue. It doesn't seem to matter whether we type it fast or slow.

    Thank you for your help on this.

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    Hi Shawn,

    I assume that the used scenario is the following. When listening a voice mail you are dialing 0, then 2, then the destination number(s), then # to record an intro and again # to sent the message. Please confirm.
    I have tested this scenario, but couldn't reproduce the issue, so please clarify:
    - are you forwarding voice mail to an local PBX extension on the same 8L or to a remote destination;
    - are you forwarding the voice mail to a single or multiple destinations;
    - what FW version is running in your 8L.


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