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Thread: Memory on board for the M8L

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    Cool Memory on board for the M8L

    How much memory is on board the Epygi M8L? I am getting ready to purchase memory and my client is asking me how many voicemail's 8GB will hold utilizing U-Law. I figured I could get an idea if I knew what was present on the board. They have reached capacity and determining how much memory to install. The tech docs only support 8GB. Will the M8L support more and how much U-LAW voicemail will the tech doc's capacity of 8GB hold?

    Thank you

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    Hi Shawn,

    Please have a look into the doc - "Memory Management on Quadro IP PBXs" in the Epygi web, download section. Hopefully it should answer most of you questions.


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    Thank you! That did it!


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    Default Compact Flash size

    Hi guys am I wrong in assuming that the largest CF card the 8L will accept is an 8GB card? What happens if I insert a 32GB card?

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    It may happen a 32GB card couldn't mounted and successfully installed

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