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Thread: Extension to Extension calls not working

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    Default Extension to Extension calls not working

    Hi Guys
    I need you help, I configured 2x PABX with PSTN

    In Local Office - I have YEALINK T26P Phone, local extension to extension work fine. Incoming and out going from local office work fine too.

    But when some one from Remote Office dial to local extension there can hear voice from local office people, but we cant hear voice. so there is only oneway voice from local to remote.

    Remote office guys can dial to external number and it works without any issue.

    So here is summary

    Local LAN Ext to Local LAN Ext - No issue
    LOCAL LAN Ext to Outside number - No issue
    REMOTE Ext to REMOTE Ext via internet - No issues
    LOCAL EXT to REMOTE EXT or Vice Versa - Only one way communication.

    PABX - Quardo 2x
    Local Phone on LAN - YEALINK T26P
    Remote Extensions 3CX Softphine.
    5060 Port is forwarded to Local PABX
    6000 to 6099 RTP Port forwarded to PABX
    NAT Tranverse Enabled


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    It is working now, Problem was on router, Actually I just forward the 5060 port to PBX, It seem you need to forward 5000 to 5060 Ports to PBX, after making changes it works.

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