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Thread: PIN Code Issue

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    Unhappy PIN Code Issue

    Hi All

    I've got an issue with PIN Codes on an Epygi Quadro M12Li. I've setup a Call Routing rule for testing which forces users to enter a predefined PIN code if they wish to dial an out side line (ISDN Line). The rule works but what happen is when the person answers the phone it disconnects the call. The rule looks like this:

    Enabled 7* NDS: 1 ISDN trunk: ISDN Trunk4, Timeslots: 1,2 None Loc.Auth.Users List

    The call statistics reports the following: Codec: PCMU, Quality: 1 (excellent) Authenticated by: PIN code PSTN call Close Reason: "Not Supported"

    Any advice on what the problem could be? If I don't use the PIN the call goes through.
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    There was a problem with PIN code in QuadroM12Li with FW 5.2.37 and lower. The FW versions 5.3 are free of this problem. Please check what FW version in running on your Quadro and advice.


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    Thanks for the response. The firmware version is 5.3.23 and the boot loader is 5.2.22.


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    If you are a registered user then report regarding this issue to epygi TSS support with a ticket. If not, then go to the system-diagnostics-system logs-system log settings, mark all logs with a comment, repeat this scenario, download all logs and attach to this tread


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