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Thread: Unconditionnal Call forwarding failure from external call

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    Default Unconditionnal Call forwarding failure from external call

    Hi, I have an issu whit the Unconditionnal call forwarding.

    When I set call forwarding ON (*4) to external number (cell phone) the call from the IP-PSTN line doesn't work. But I it work when the call is from local extention.

    From IP-PSTN: all incoming call go to extention 2021
    Call routing paterne is * from PBX
    call forwarding number set to 450779XXXX

    I have try to set call routing from All but this still doesn't work.

    Any idea??

    This issue is come after the update 5.3.5
    Now I'm on firmware 5.3.11

    I use a Quadro2x

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    There is my setup:

    My Ip-PSTN ligne is redirected directly to my local extention. (No welcome message, no AA)

    When I leave my office I activate my call forwarding *4 from my extention.

    There is the call statistics for this call

    20-09-2012 13:42:31 0 sec "45077*****" <45077*****> "Eric" 2021 call forwarded
    20-09-2012 13:42:31 0 sec "45077*****" <45077*****> "45076***** (added by VoIP Carrier Wizard)" 996 call forwarded

    I have 5 lines on my SIP Trunk

    I have no problem with my call fowarding when I use the AA or If someone take the call and transfert to me after.

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