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Thread: How do I display the Origin of a incoming call

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    Question How do I display the Origin of a incoming call

    Hi can anyone help me here? I need to show on the screen not the caller ID but the sip account or the Virtual ext the call was for, as I have more than one VOIP account for different company and I need to answer accordingly
    Please help.

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    Use Distinctive Ringing service. With this service you can use a nickname that point out call source.


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    Smile How do I display the origin of an incoming call

    Hi Lunacom
    I think I will try that too, but I was looking for a visual indication on the screen, hopefully someone else can give me an idea on manipulating the header information

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    With Distinctive Ringing you can have a different ringing pattern AND/OR a visual indication on phone display too.


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    Default Is all good now thanks very much

    Hello again this worked a treat, thanks very much

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