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Thread: New firmware 5.3.11 & 5.3.13

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    Default New firmware 5.3.11 & 5.3.13

    i found following differences
    on Q2x and Q4x the DCC features are not listed on features.cgi page
    ( they are on a M32x )
    How to use featurestrial ?
    Would a valid DCC key accepted ?

    on M32x the edit watch adresse list is not available
    ( it is on a Q2x and a Q4x )
    would it become available when uploading a valid DCC key ?

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    1. On Q2x FW 5.3.11 and Q4x FW 5.3.10 the DCC option isn't visible in the features list by default. But upon activating DCC feature by a license key (permanently or by trial) it becomes visible. This is just because a SW bug and should be fixed for the next releases.

    2. On M32x FW 5.3.13 the Edit watch address list is missing, will be restored back in the next release


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    thanks for info

    i suppose that watch adresses is PBX-* by default

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    I have problem with the Autoattendant that sometimes does not detect the incoming call and do not reply it. Could you please advice?

    best regards,

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    The posted atuoatendant problem is for Quadro26x

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    Hello i need firmware for my Quadro2X from Firmware Version: 5.0.16/Release and above.

    Please it's urgent

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    look it up in Epygi Support Center » Downloads » Archive » IP PBX Products » Quadro2x, 2xi » Software

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