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Thread: Incoming PSTN calls are Anonymous

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    Default Incoming PSTN calls are Anonymous

    We don't have caller ID here (it costs $5 per line per month!), so all incoming PSTN calls show up on the phone display as "Anonymous". Is there any way to change that text to something else?

    Quadro 4L and Yealink T28P phones.

    Thanks, Peter

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    Hi Peter, I supose you use an analogue phone connected in your Quadro and you use a PSTN line.

    In this case you need to configure when the CallerID is read durring rigning.

    Connect to Quadro with Admin login
    go to Telephony menu and clic on Line Setting

    In line setting clic on your first line "Line 1"

    In caller ID select when the ID is receive. (In north America is Standard 2 (FSK send between first and second ring)

    Rigner Type A

    Enable off-hook Caller ID

    Clic Save.

    If this doesn't work try different caller IP Standard.

    Do this for each line you have.

    Hope this helpful
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    Hi, Eric - thanks for your reply. I use SIP phones and PSTN lines, but the PSTN lines do not have caller ID so nothing is sent from the PSTN to the Quadro.

    The SIP phones currently display "Anonymous" for incoming PSTN calls. What I would like to do is change that message to something else - the users would like "Incoming Call" or something similar.

    Does anyone know if that is possible, and if so, how to do it?

    Thanks, Peter

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