I performed a factory reset of a Quadro2CX as I have had a persistent problem which I thought might be cured by a reset and restablishment of settings.

After the reset none of the default xxxxxxxx@sip.epygi.com registerations will register. I tried taking a "backup" via the Legibile Configuration from a restored backup where the registration was working and tried to upload it to the freshly factory reset state, but the registration also fails. The System Event message is "Could not Register user xxxxxxxxx on server sip.epygi.com:5060. Reason: Authorization failure"

I do not particularly want to sacrifice these addresses, sohow can I either recreate them or restore them from backup without all the other baggage of the backup.

The system information is
Quadro Operating system: 5.3.5 root@delta.epygi.loc
Application Software: 5.3.5 - Release
Boot Loader: PPCBoot 4.0.8/Release
DSP Software: Version: 5.1.15.Date: Apr 23 2009 12:17