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Thread: Routing call from IP PBX to Exchange 2010 UM User

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    Question Routing call from IP PBX to Exchange 2010 UM User

    Hi, Wonder if anybody can assist? How do I route calls from my IP PBX (for Instance ext 2300) to UM User on Exchange 2010 (for instance 2300@server:5060) . Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Hello Kobus

    In my previous reply on your post I have already answered on you question. If your firmware on Quadro 5.3.x you need to configure only two fields on your Extension's "General Settings->Voice mail Settings". You don't need to create route in Quadro's routing table.
    1. Go on "Extension Management"
    2. Select your extension and press "Edit"
    3. Then open "Voice Mailbox Settings"
    4. Select "Use External Voice Mail" then "MS Exchange Server"

    After fill the following fields.
    "UM Auto Attendant URI" - "2300@server:5060" (note:2300 is the auto attendant number in Exchange Server)
    "UM Extension" - "your mailbox number in Exchange Server"


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    Incompatible media IP parameters is what I am getting, when I configure it this way. My AA attendant number (Pilot Identifier) is 10000 and my extension on the PBX as well as Exchange is 5005 so my config is as follows: UM Auto Attendant URI 10000@exchangeserverip:5060 and UM Extension - 5005.10000 is not configured anywhere on my PBX. I have read quite a lot of documents and is seems as if my config is correct on the exchange side.
    Thank you once again for your assistance. Kobus
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    Ok, I have managed to be answered by my Exchange server - Thank you Aram! I only have one more problem with all the other extensions I phone, it does not send it to the Auto Attendant, but instead comes up with "Incompatible media IP parameters, cannot complete this call" Why? Anybody able to assist?

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    Hello Kobus

    It is good news that you are getting "Incompatible media IP parameters". It means that your extension is using Secure RTP. Change your SRTP policy to "Make and accept only unsecure calls" under "Secure RTP Settings".

    1. Go on "Extension Management"
    2. Select your extension and press "Edit"
    3. Then "Go To Codec Settings"
    4. Set "SRTP Policy" "Make and accept only unsecure calls"

    Also check if G.711a or G.711 codecs are enabled on the extension and reboot the phone.
    If you have other question let me know.


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    Hi Amram,
    Double checked the settings as well and all seems to be fine. Rebooted the phone and still getting the same message. The only difference is that my config was done last night and we rebooted our PBX. Do you maybe think that we can restart the PBX or the extensions? Thank you. Regards Kobus

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    Dear Kobus

    Can you attach the "SIP User Agent" and "Call Controlling' logs to this post?

    Make voice mail call *0 from your extension then copy logs from "System->Diagnostics->Show System Logs->SIP User Agent and Call Controlling".

    In logs I can see why you are getting this message.


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    Hi Aram, I have send you the logs into your PVT messages, will you please let me know? Thank you.Kobus

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    Hi Aram, after a reboot of our PBX, all the accounts worked. Is there anything that we can alter or reconfigure so that we do not have to reboot the PBX every time? Thank you, Kobus.

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    Hi Aram, hopefully this will be the last question from my side. I have created a subscriber access number on the Exchange 2010 dial plan (10001), have you got any idea as to how I will configure my PBX so that users can dial that number either internally or externally with a DID. Thank you . Kobus

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