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Thread: Answering PSTN call from non-ringing extension

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    Default Answering PSTN call from non-ringing extension

    I have set up a 4L system so that incoming PSTN calls ring at three specific phones, and then if unanswered after 20 seconds, ring at all phones, then if still unanswered after 20 more seconds, the AA answers the call. That seems to work.

    However, if one of the three people who normally answer on one of the three initial phones is away from their desk, they want to be able to go to the nearest phone and somehow answer the incoming call, even if that phone is not ringing.

    So, how can I configure things so that anyone can answer an incoming PSTN call from any phone even if that phone is not ringing?


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    Hi Peter,

    Create a Pickup Group type extension and configure it so that all three initial phones to be included to the Pickup Group of the corresponding pickup extension. Now to answer the incoming call take any not ringing phone and dial the Pickup extension number


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