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Thread: Prohibit calls in CR

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    Default Prohibit calls in CR

    How do I prohibit the calls from an extension (ext 113) being made over a specific IP Trunk using Call Routing Tables.

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    you have to use filtering on that specific call routing rule. For details and examples refer to the document "Preventing Unauthorized Calls on the Quadro", section 8


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    Actually there is 2 mays to block the user from calling to some destination.

    1st way is to add a rule in Caller ID Based Services of ext.113 with a common pattern of not allowed destination and activate the "Outgoing Call Blocking" for that rule.

    2nd way is to exclude the ext.113 from the allowed list of Call Routing rule. This means that there is no prohibit option in Call Routing Rules. The allowed list of callers can be configured for Call Routing rule, and omitting the ext.113 in that list will not allow it to call to that destination. The allowed list can be configured by enabling the "Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID" on the first page of call routing wizard.


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