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Thread: After Setup Wizard I cannot login

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    I have a QuadroFXO 6FXO gateway, I have bought it new it came with firmware 4.1.7. I connected pc to LAN inteface and logged in to the web management interface with default username and password ok.

    Every time I run the setop wizard on the final stage it say click "oK"to confirm, when I click OK it says "You are not authorised to access this page". and the Busy light keeps flashing and I cannot login to the device anymore.

    Register Your Device In Technical Support Center

    You are not authorized to access this page!

    With 4.1.7 firmware I cannot access "Extensions" Menu, every time I click on the menu I get logged out with the message that I am not authorised to access the page.

    I have downgraded to firmware 3.1.10, I still cannot run the config wizard but I am able to access the Extensions menu now.

    Please help.Edited by: eliek

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    Could you please register your device and submit a ticket to Epygi's technical support?

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