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Thread: EMS and M3U re-streaming

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    Default EMS and M3U re-streaming

    Hi all, does possible to add the possibility to select an M3U files for the audio source in EMS. This to able to re-streaming the any web radio to RTP channel to the Quadro.

    Don't worry for the copyright, I have my SOCAN license.


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    at the moment EMS does not support stream playback. So it makes no sense to add M3U support as it may contain any source including streams.


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    This have sense for me. I want to use a web radio for my MOH. Most webradio use file *.m3u file for broadcast the music

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    How about some EMS software that works 24/7 and does not stop and require user interaction to restart.
    I'm looking for an EMS that runs as a service or has some command line functionality so I can make it reliable.
    eg: mediastramer.exe /playlist "myplay.list" /loop on /start

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