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Thread: Add Rings Before Auto Attendant Picks Up

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    Default Add Rings Before Auto Attendant Picks Up

    Client with an M8L and Broadvox service, is currently using the default Auto Attendant setup. When callers dial their main office number, the Auto Attendant picks up right away, usually with out any rings heard by the caller. The Client would like the caller to hear 2 or 3 rings prior to the Auto Attendant picking up the line. I have looked all over but can not find a way to do this, any ideas?

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    Typically auto attendant picks up the call after one ring and there is no cofiguration setting to change that. But if the client anyway wants to hear 2 or 3 rings you can use an artificial method. Route all incoming calls to one of FXS lines (extensions 101 or 102) instead of 00 (auto attendant). In the Suppl. Services-Basic Services for extension 101 (or 102) change the "No answer timeout" to 5 sec (it is about 2 rings), disable call waiting service. In the Suppl. Services activate "No answer call forwarding" to 00 (auto attendant).


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    Great idea, I have done this for other situation but just did not think of it for this particular instance. Thanks Ashot.

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