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Thread: unable to provision some snom320s

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    Question unable to provision some snom320s

    Hi all,

    I'm unable to provision any Snom phones with new configs. It seems that the existing configs are keeping, but changes are not. If I reset the Snom phones, they'll get a DHCP address but won't get provisioned.

    First, some environment details:

    network: ~50 node network for ~12 people; SonicWall providing DHCP; PCs and phones on single LAN [], all devices connected on 1 PoE switch

    Quadro 2x2: 5.3.75; firewall disabled; dhcp disabled; address of WAN port; IDS disabled; NAT disabled

    IP Line settings: PnP for IP lines enabled; firmware version control enabled, configure IP phones from WAN

    SonicWall DHCP options:
    67: snom.cgi?mac={mac}

    manually registering phone results following Epygi logs:
    The IP is added into Blocked IP list.
    The IP is added into Blocked IP list. SIP messages from IP will be discarded for 32 seconds.
    IP phone user locext213a []: registration failed. Reason: Authorization failure

    snom320 system info
    System Information:
    Phone Type: snom320-SIP
    MAC-Address: 000413389799
    Firmware-Version: snom320-SIP 8.4.35
    Production Information: Mac:000413389799;Version:Standard;Hardware:snom320 (H: R5B);Date:22/05/12;Copyright(C) snom technology AG
    Uptime: 0 days, 11 hours, 7 minutes
    LCS: 0 days, 0 hours, 33 minutes (0)
    Memfree: 3328 K
    CPU: 0.00 0.00 0.00 1/17 24
    Bootloader-Version: 1.1.3-u

    How is it possible that it's worked fine for some time but no longer works? Is there an issue provisioning via the WAN port?


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    I seem to have figured it out. I had to manually set the "Settings URL" on the phone to "{mac}, restart and apply. I guess that the DHCP options were not delivering those options correctly.


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    Option 160 in the Sonicwall DHCP to be{mac} might also resolve this issue.

    DHCP Option 160 (Configuration Server Address)
    Description Similar to option 66, DHCP option 160 can provide one or more configuration server(s) to clients to get automatically provisioned. Without this DHCP option, a manual configuration is requested on each phone the first time it boots.

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