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Thread: Qudro 2x Access to this number blocked

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    Exclamation Qudro 2x Access to this number blocked

    I am getting this message "Access to this number blocked" when I am trying to dial a "778"-???-???? number on one of my IP trunks but I can dial it out on my other IP trunk with no problem. I have not entered any filter for 778 that I know of.

    It does not matter what extension that I access this IP-PSTN trunk from it says that access to this number is blocked and it applies to any number 778-xxx-xxxx dialed on this IP-PSTN. When I move the IP-PSTN back to my original adapter the calls are all good it only appears to be when going through the Quadro that I am having this trouble.

    Any suggestions?

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    Based on your description I would think that you have more than one ITSP, but along with this you say that you do not have any filter(supposedly you mean pattern) for the 778. If this all is true, than how do you choose the ITSP that should be used for calls to the 778 numbers?

    In any case, "Access to this number blocked" does not seem to be an Epygi message, so it must be played by one of your ITSPs.

    Try to specify/define a separate prefix(pattern) for each ITSP you have(let's say prefix 10 for ITSP1, prefix 20 for ITSP2 etc...) and see which particular ITSP is playing the "Access to this number blocked" message. I think this will shed some light on your issue.

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    Sorry, it turns out that I was wrong. Quadro actually has "Access to this number blocked" message. It would be played when "Outgoing Call Blocking" service is enabled on the caller extension.
    Anyway, as this service is unique for each extension and you say that you can't dial 778 numbers from any extension, I don't think this is the case.
    So please go with my previous instructions.

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    This is a very old thread but I came here with the same problem. After troubleshooting my problem, I discovered that it was a password issue. I had recently changed the password for my VOIP provider and had put the new one into the main SIP log in but NOT into each of the routing table entries. Also, Google Chrome had saved the old password and so whenever I went to a routing table entry and went through the pages, Chrome reinserted the old password. All fixed now but sadly a very cryptic problem.

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