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Thread: Licenses in a redundancy scenario with QX1000

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    Default Licenses in a redundancy scenario with QX1000


    I want a redundancy scenario with 2 QX1000 and the Server System Redundancy Activation License, and also I need IP Phone Expansion Key (64), ACD Activation Key and the Call Recording License Key (8)... My question is: Do I need to buy only one set of licenses (IP Phone expansion, ACD and Call Recording)? or do I need to buy two set of licenses?


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    On QX1000, if you buy the Server System Redundancy Activation License, you need to pay only for one set of licenses((IP Phone expansion, ACD, Call Recording, etc.). You don't need to pay for the second set of licenses to be installed on the second unit.

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    Thanks hrant!

    Marco Barrios.-

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    First let us know what are you up to with this license? What are you planning?
    what is on your mind?

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    I have a product M32x and QX 200, as M32X EOL can i transfer my existing license to QX200 device

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