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    Red face hunt group

    hey,im new technicion in my org and we have quadro 32X IP PBX.
    i would like to configure a hunt group in some phones that are in the same geographical area in the organization
    .i have no depth knowledge in the GUI interface.
    and i would like if some in here will explain me how to set a hunt group ,step by step.

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    Actually no depth knowledge is needed for configuring hunt group as well as other Caller ID based services for extension. Open 32x web interface with a browser. In the main menu go to Users->Extensions Management, select an extension you want configure for hunt group and press the link for that extension.
    The Extension Settings page will be opened there. Go to the Supplementary services-> Caller ID based services. Press the link for Other Addresses. Select the link for Call Hunting. Enable the service and add the extensions you want to ring in hunt group.

    Take into account that this service is functional for local extensions (phones) on the 32x. If you want to ring phones in remote destination then you have to use the Find me/Follow me service instead of hunt group.


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    hey,i have configured the call hunt ,but it works only in my snom 360 where the led hotkey is blinking and i can grab the call.but in the snom 300 in my office i cant grab the led is blinking,and it seems the phone wich i configured call hunt to( in the snom 300) isnt show any option to grab the call.some1 suggestions?? thankes :]

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